Income School’s Project 24 Review Pros, Cons and Alternatives

Income School's Project 24 Review

This is our review of Income School’s Project 24

We have been fans of the Income School YouTube channel for 2 years now and have always heard of their course Project 24. We decided to check it out for ourselves and thoroughly assessed it for the past 2 weeks to determine if it’s worth your time and money or not.

Income School’s Project 24 – Main Points

Course Name: Project 24

Price: $449 for the first year, and $249 for yearly renewal

Pros: The course is comprehensive and beginner-friendly. 

Cons: It doesn’t offer refunds, and it’s too expensive.

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

What is Income School’s Project 24?

Income School

Income School is an online marketing company that focuses on teaching internet entrepreneurs to develop profitable online businesses by creating websites and YouTube channels. Project 24 is their flagship premium course, and it offers lessons that address all the basic and advanced skills needed to run a website and YouTube channel.. 

Their Blogging System covers topic about

  • Niche selection
  • Website creation
  • SEO
  • Content creation
  • Email/Affiliate Marketing
  • And Ecommerce

While their YouTube System provides lessons on topics related to

  • Creating videos
  • Building an audience base
  • And earning multiple streams of income

Who are the creators?


The company started back in 2013 when lifelong friends, Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer, bought the domain “Income School” intending to start their own online business. The brand originally started as a podcast, but after some time of stagnation, they focused on just building niche websites. 

Along the way, they began creating YouTube videos that did well and funneled customers into their online course. Over 300 videos later, their YouTube channel now has over 200,000 subscribers. Rick and Jim became the creators of a business that generates 7-figures per year with hundreds of customers, while also having a portfolio of successful niche websites.

What makes Income School’s Project 24 Special?

What makes Income School special is that they are transparent, they have done everything they teach, and they have unique views on what it takes to build a successful online business. 

Most course creators and niche website owners reveal little about their websites. They may share vague screenshots of page analytics or may even use sample websites, but they keep the real moneymakers a secret for fear of competition. Income School‌‌, however, freely share the websites they own and operate. 

They have a page dedicated to sharing the websites they’ve created over the years using the same tactics that are being taught in the course. They also have videos posted on their YouTube channel analyzing the performance of the sites. 

Income School also has some unique views about active link building. They believe it is a waste of time and suggest that their audience prioritizes high quality content creation instead. Because of their stance, Project 24 does not focus on technical SEO topics, making the course more favorable to beginners. 

Pros and Cons of Project 24


  • The course is beginner-friendly
  • They constantly updated the course program
  • It covers a lot of useful topics
  • Rick and Jim actually practice the methods they teach. 


  • It doesn’t provide a refund
  • The course lacks info on advanced SEO tactics
  • Their SEO methods and advice are counterproductive
  • It’s too expensive 
  • It requires an annual payment for continued access to training
  • Most success stories are dated. 

Project 24 Course Structure

Project 24 comprises several mini courses that cover the different aspects of being a digital marketer and content creator. As mentioned earlier, the main courses involve The Blogging Course and The YouTube System. The training program also includes courses based on Marketing and Monetization.

The Blogging Course: The lessons in this course teach users how to choose the most profitable niche, how to create the best content for their site, along with the best ways to monetize it. It also covers Income School’s Search Analysis strategy, which gives you valuable insights into topics related to your niche. This way, the topics you choose never seem unrelated.

The YouTube System: This course is focused on helping customers to grow their YouTube channel alongside their blog. It starts out with advice on content creation and then advances into topics related to making money with affiliate marketing. It also contains lessons about creating and selling your own info products.

Marketing Course: This course goes in depth on how to promote both your blog and YouTube channel. It covers marketing strategies like using affiliate links, SEO, PPC (Paid Per Click) ads, and social media marketing.  

Monetization Course: This section of the training program aims to provide customers with sustainable ways to monetize their YouTube channel and website. The lessons are based on methods like affiliate marketing, Pateron subscription services, and other modern strategies.

Each course consists of mostly video lessons with supporting text documents. They also provide additional features, such as: 

  • Access to Income School’s online community
  • The Members’ Only Podcasts 
  • Live Mastermind (Q&A) Sessions
  • Free access to their WordPress Theme, Acabado
  • And Jim Harmers book, Work Energy.

How much does Project 24 cost?

At the time of writing, Project 24 costs $449 for the first year of membership. Income School doesn’t have a subscription or payment plan, so customers will have to make an upfront payment. At the end of the first year, there is a membership renewal fee of $249 for each additional year. So, staying for 2 years will cost you‌ $698.  

Making an upfront payment of $449 is an enormous commitment for plenty of beginners. A refund policy would be a good way to comfort potential customers, but unfortunately Income School doesn’t give refunds

According to them, Project 24 provides members with absolute access to downloadable tools and resources the moment they become members. Because of this aspect, they don’t provide refunds in any form. 

Is Project 24 Worth it?

Project 24 without a doubt offers some value, especially to beginners and people who like their YouTube content. It will, however, make ‌building a successful niche website more difficult since some of their methods are counterproductive. 

Project 24 discourages users from doing anything related to gathering backlinks and from targeting low competition keywords. They believe that more value can be had when you only focus on answering questions related to a topic in your niche, regardless of how competitive the keywords are. 

Adopting this approach can be damaging for new websites, since their blog posts will be outperformed by more established sites with more authority within the niche. These established sites have more backlinks and social proof (authority), so search engines will favor them with ranking for competitive keywords. 

The best way to perform well with new niche websites is to fight within your weight class by targeting low competition keywords, and building your site’s strength with link building. 

Apart from this, the only other thing that creates a red flag for me is its cost and no refund policy. If you’re a beginner with little money to spare, it may not be worth it to buy this course. It would be more cost-effective to watch their YouTube videos. They have an abundance of valuable information that’s free. 

If you have the money, time, and effort to spare, this course may be worth it. 

Alternatives to Project 24

Authority Hacker’s Authority Site System

The Authority Site System 3.0 (TASS) is Authority Hacker’s starter course for beginners who want to know more about the internet marketing field. It provides a comprehensive breakdown of everything related to creating an authority site. 

Price: TASS 3.0 costs a onetime payment of $997 or $249 per month for 4 months.

Noteable Features:

  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • Lifetime Access
  • Provides ready-made templates for content creation
  • Access to a supportive Facebook community

Adam Enfroy’s Blog Growth Engine

Blog Growth Engine by Adam Enfroy is a comprehensive course that will teach you how to build and grow your blog. It teaches you how to generate a huge amount of targeted traffic from search engines and turn that traffic into profit via affiliate marketing.

Price: Blog Growth Engine costs a onetime payment of $3,297.

Noteable Features:

  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • Access to a private link sharing group on Slack
  • Provides 1 on 1 coaching

Our Verdict

All in all, Project 24 is a valuable course that provides users with actionable information on how to build successful online businesses based on niche websites and YouTube channels. It may have a few drawbacks but the overall course content is geared towards actually helping people. 

Fans of the Income School YouTube channel will adapt well to the course since the video lessons have the same format as the YouTube videos. From our experience and taking into consideration the different strengths and flaws of the course, we would rate it a 3.5/5 stars.

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